The Great Big Disney Debate

The Great Big Disney Debate- How do we respond and be a light?


The Great Big Disney Debate- How do we respond and be a light?

Disney’s Revision

For months now Disney has been releasing teasers for the new “Beauty and the Beast.” As soon as I heard about it, I won’t lie, I was excited. I loved the cartoon as a child. Belle was a reader, a thinker, an Inventor’s daughter, and she had a lot of courage. She didn’t rush into her situation because of love or lust. She stepped up to help her father, so caring. Those are just some of the reasons I enjoyed it for years. And then it happened, a few weeks before the release the news hit, “First Gay character in Disney movie…” or something like that. Yep, they were taking a beloved classic and updating it in MANY ways.

Days went by and my first reaction was anger, then sadness. I felt betrayed that they had taken this opportunity to be politically correct. Why couldn’t they do it with another movie and not this one? Anything but this! More time passed and my feelings started to shift. I read reviews carefully and mulled them over. Most that I read said the “scandalous scene” happened for all of 2-4 seconds and they made it appear to be more of a funny mishap then an actual “gay moment.”

The revision of this script for that tiny moment caused such huge uproar. I began to realize that Disney is doing exactly what a modern, secular company would do, they are being relevant. People began to explode about what Disney was doing and how they were the devil over this. My question is, why do I expect them to be anything more? Now, wait, I’m not really saying they are trying to be the devil but I can’t very well expect them to be Godly, they are a secular company.

Disney’s revision brought out all the critics, good, bad and in between and even though I really wanted to avoid this, I’m going to weigh in on the “Great Big Disney Debate.”

Believers and Disney

I mentioned that I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast when I was little, but what I didn’t add was that when I was around 10 all of Disney was removed from our house. My parents were not fans of the magic, the message and the meaning to their stories/movies so out they went. My parents did not support Disney’s message so they chose not to support Disney with their money. They didn’t log onto social media and throw stones or go and troll posts to bad mouth anyone, they simply put their money where their heart was and said, “No more.”

After this newest Disney fiasco, it hit me that while believers like to talk about a lot of stuff we don’t really like to back it up with actions. We want to make mad posts about it, write a blog about it and call it done. We still purchase tickets to movies, buy tickets to amusement parks, drink coffee from liberal companies, etc. etc. etc. 

My question is, is that really accomplishing anything?

So an opinion has been sent out to the interwebs of the world, congratulations! Now what?

Does that opinion really change anyone else’s mind? Will that opinion, that is probably not very nice, show someone else God’s love? Will that opinion that is so neatly typed out or wrote up point, someone else to Jesus?

I am not opposed to having an opinion, obviously, I have a blog so I share opinion and thoughts a lot, but if my words push people away from God’s love then what am I truly accomplishing? You see, my parents didn’t make anyone feel bad, they didn’t condemn anyone, they didn’t shout it from the rooftops, “We burned Disney!” They did it quietly and that was that. It was our personal stance at the time and it was for us, not the world.

Love is Powerful

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about hate, hell, and Holy Spirit. I know, three words that don’t really go together, but let me explain. If you look at Jesus’ life and the lives of the men in the Gospel’s you don’t see a lot of mention of hell or “go condemn them for sinning.” Don’t get me wrong, I believe in hell, His word clearly states that, but when did we start thinking we needed to focus so much on it? Jesus loved the hell out of many, cast the hell out of them and drove it away through compassion and power, what about that approach? He didn’t come condemning the sinner, He came being the light to show them the way out.

Disney included a moment because they are trying to be relevant to the homosexual community. They want their support to be heard and they want to be loved by all. Choosing to support them as a company is a personal conviction, I’m not Holy Spirit so I won’t tell anyone what they should do. I will ask that we think the next time something like this hits the fan (and there will be a next time). How do we respond in love? How do we respond as our Savior would? Mocking, hating, condemning? Or trying to find the good and trying to be a light?

I realize it is hard to find a balance. Believers don’t want to support something that is not biblical, I get it, but hating others is not biblical either. What if we began to move in power and love instead of hate and hell? What if the church began to raise up men and women that would go to Hollywood and bring revival with them? What if instead of condemning them for what they feel is morally okay we find a way to bridge the great divide to them? What if we prayed for Hollywood? What if we began to intercede for Disney?

Many times we are quick to condemn and slow to cry out to God for change. Maybe it’s time to change our mindset and instead of feeding the debate about Disney we began to direct our prayers for a revival over Disney…

The Great Big Disney Debate- How do we respond and be a light?

The fervent prayers of a righteous man (and a woman) are mighty in power!


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2 thoughts on “The Great Big Disney Debate

  1. I love this, Rhiannon. When all this Disney stuff was going around, this phrase kept popping in my mind: They will know we are Christians by what we boycott. It made me kind of sad. Our love must speak louder than our protests.

    • Amen! That is a sad phrase and it is sad to think that this is the mindset of many. Our love should be what they hear not our hate-filled voices. So true!

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