Life is Short, Wear the Lipstick


Life is short, wear the lipstick

Lipstick Envy

Have you ever gone into a store or picked up a magazine and loved the lipstick someone was wearing? Did you ever stop and think, “That looks great on her, but I could never pull it off,”? Maybe you even secretly walk past the brightly colored lipstick at your favorite store and pick them up just to admire their beautiful color.

I can raise my hand to all of the above. I’ve admired others, said that, and browsed longingly feeling as if I would never be able to buy.

Well, maybe it is time to break the mold and break that stinking thinking and buy the lipstick.

Bold Lipstick

Bright pink. That was her color. My nana wore bright pink lipstick for many years when she was still with us. She matched her lips to her nails a lot of times and both were bright pink often. She owned a ton of bottles of that pink nail polish and so many shades of pink lipstick. I always loved how Nana wore her own color. It was her style and she wore it proudly. She never asked, “Does this look okay?” She just proudly put it on and loved it.

I was not that bold until about two years ago. I loved the idea of wearing a bold color but I was too scared. I always thought it would stand out too much or look too daring on me so I stayed away.

Well, a couple of years ago my mom purchased this bright, raspberry color that she knew she would not wear so, naturally, she gave it to me. I will admit I was afraid of it for months. I would open it up, hold it up and put it back. There was no way I could wear this color! What would people think? I would look like a clown or something!

It’s funny how we can see the beauty in everyone else who boldly wears bright colors but when it comes time to try them ourselves we think we are clowns. I am great at being my own worst critic and that is what kept me from embracing something new and beautiful.

Life is short, Wear the lipstick.

Braving the Lipstick

Finally, one Sunday (of all days to get brave) at our old church in another city, I wore the lipstick. I received many compliments and not one statement about being a clown. It actually looked good! I was actually pulling it off and the best part? No one knew it was the first time I had ever worn it. I wore it like I owned it and they believed it.

Over the past 3-4 years, makeup has become less about making me feel beautiful and more about making me feel confident. I embrace my inner beauty that comes from God and when I do that I want it to shine through in the way I express myself through makeup. I don’t wear it because I feel I need it, I wear it because I like it.

I braved the lipstick and I still wear it today as an outward expression of the inner bravery I feel. I finally realized, life is short, wear the lipstick.

Yes, friend, wear the lipstick, dye your hair, eat a piece of cake, wear the heels, decorate everything in glitter. Have fun in life! Not the kind of fun that pulls you out of God’s word and His ways, but the kind of fun that outwardly expresses your inner joy and beauty in Christ.

You are not an afterthought. You are not a mistake. You are not unwanted. 

You are beautiful. You are wonderfully made. God delights in you so it is okay to take delight in you too.

Life is short, wear the lipstick


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4 thoughts on “Life is Short, Wear the Lipstick

  1. I love this Rhiannon! I have so many lipstick colors that I like but don’t think I can wear, but I think I’ll dig them out of my drawer and try them out today!

    • Yes!! You so should, Brittany. Wear them and own them. You are beautiful and I bet you will be surprised at how many people will stop and tell you how much they love those colors on you. 😉

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