Momma, Hang On Hope Is Coming

Momma Hang On Hope is Coming. A look at Becky Thompson's book "Hope Unfolding". You will laugh, you will cry, you will be encouraged.

Lonely, but Hopeful

18 months ago we welcomed our sweet princess into the world. I was full of love, excitement, purpose, and so much ambition. I knew that being a new mom would have its challenges, but I was ready to face them and be the best I knew how to be.

Fast forward about a month or so and if you could have peeked into my life you would have found a very emotional, confused momma. I was so thrilled to have my new angel, but I felt so invisible and so alone.

You always hear about or even joke about how once a baby arrives you become invisible, no one cares about you, it is all about baby, but I thought I could handle it. Yeah, right.

I felt as if who I was disappeared.

I was not a daughter anymore I was a mom and now attentions were fixed on the granddaughter.

I was still a wife, but I was an emotional one that could not understand why I couldn’t handle this new season better.

I had very few friends to reach out to because we had left them all in a move and even our church was new so no one there would understand.

I was isolated.

I was invisible.

I was confused.

As the months went on I began to find a routine, get out of the house more and try to become more involved in our church. Time has proved that some things get better, but I still felt like this was just me.

The whole time I was walking through this hopeless state I thought I was alone.

This is why I absolutely loved Becky Thompson’s recent book “Hope Unfolding“. She shares her story of being a new mom in a new place with new responsibilities and how God used the process for her good.

Hope Unfolds

The tagline for Becky Thompson’s book simply says, “Grace-filled truth for the momma’s heart.” Reading that you might not know what to fully expect, but what you get is 10 chapters of raw emotion and truth.

Momma, Hang On Hope Is Blooming

The 10 chapters include:

  1. Diamonds in the Dirt
  2. Ordinary Threads
  3. A Fight for Joy
  4. It’s Not Just You
  5. Real Life Looks Lived In
  6. You Can’t Do It All
  7. Don’t Run Her Race
  8. Outside the Box
  9. The Father’s Love for a Momma’s Heart
  10. The “Good Mom” Movement

Becky not only bares her soul about some very real, very vulnerable moments, but she invites you in as the reader to share your moments as well.

At the end of each chapter, she has a time of conversation starters, prayer and motivation. She poses questions that get you to think about your life as a mom or your life as a woman and how the chapter you have just read applies to your personal story.

For a mom that was new and felt so lost picking up her book was like a breath of fresh air. Becky was telling me I was not alone, I was not a failure for needing people and Jesus loved me, tired and all.

One Encounter Changes Everything

Hope unfolds all around us. Every day is a gift to walk in God’s hope.

He is our hope in glory and we are made new through Him.

Hope For Mom

As moms, we tend to be overly harsh on ourselves and very critical of our mothering styles, but Becky offers us reassurance that we don’t need to do that and we shouldn’t do that.

We can learn and grow from our downfalls and find redemption in the arms of Jesus.

Our hope in this life is not found in our kids behaving well, our homes running smoothly, or us being “perfect”. Our hope is in Jesus. Becky makes this so clear and she never shy’s away from presenting the love and acceptance of our Savior.

Hope is unfolding daily, will we take the time to see it? Will we pause and remember our hope is Jesus who does not condemn but comforts?

If you or someone you know is a mom I definitely recommend this book. It will make you laugh at times, it will make you cry, most importantly it will encourage you.

For more information on Becky Thompson visit her here and click below to pick up a copy of “Hope Unfolding” for yourself or a friend.

Momma, Hang On Hope Is Blooming

*Disclosure:I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All views expressed are my own.

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