My View From the Floor


My view from the Floor- Can position change our perspective on God?

The Big Kitchen

Most evenings for dinner it’s just me and my girl. Andrew works 2nd shift so Eleanor and I get the pleasure of dining for two most evenings. On any given night you can find us picnicking in the kitchen with her small gray picnic table, or in the living room on her Paw Patrol mat. The former happened to be where we were enjoying dinner on Monday night when I realized something about where I was sitting, everything looked big. The cabinets that normally meet me at the waist were well over my head. The table where I sit easily was towering over me. Everything around me was big and I felt small.

Isn’t it funny how position changes perspective? When I am walking, cooking or just going about my day it all seems normal, but to get down there with her it all became massive. From where I was on the floor I had to look up for everything. Very few things were eye level except my child. She couldn’t come up to meet me so I came down to picnic with her. She was not worried about a thing because Mama was right there on the floor with her.

As I was sitting there in the “big kitchen” I started to think about how perspective changes when our position or posture does. I was suddenly seeing it all as she might, but in order to do so, I had to sit down.  There are times in life where our perspective needs to change, but how can we do that? How can our view shift from problem to praise or valley to the mountain? How do we find calm when life gets to be so big around us?

From Floor to Heaven

I enjoy walking and praying. At our last church we had prayer before church and when I would pray on the microphone I remember pacing back and forth. There was a momentum gained as I walked. It felt as if I was releasing heaven and the fight was on! Walking prayers can be powerful, we walk and it’s like fire falls, but I am beginning to understand the need for prayers of stillness and getting low. When we kneel to pray our perspective changes, the world around us becomes big but our eyes become fixed on the One who is bigger than it all. Kneeling is not a form of weaker praying or more contained praying, it is intimate and revelatory.

When we kneel to pray we kneel out of reverence and respect for our Father, but I also think we kneel to remember. The view from our knees helps our perspective shift. We are looking up and raising our prayers or bowing with eyes closed, our posture is one of humility. From the floor, we look up to the Father and as we look up we begin to see, to remember how BIG He really is.

You see, from the floor in my kitchen, my view changed. I realized we don’t kneel simply to show reverence, we kneel to gain perspective.

The world grew around me as I got low, I saw what I could not before, and everything changed.

It is from our knees that heaven comes. It is from our knees lives are changed. It is from our knees we begin to really see.

My view from the Floor- Can position change our perspective on God?

Getting Up Wiser

When we pray and walk we are usually in go mode. We are speaking, declaring, making war, our body is in action and so is our Spirit. When I walk and pray I am on a mission. When we kneel and pray we are in submission. It is during those moments God speaks, a vision comes, paths are laid out, hearts are mended. When I walk and pray I feel the power, when I kneel and pray I feel empowered to get up and keep going.

Have you ever watched “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?” There is a scene where Edmund is having a private talk with Aslan. We aren’t invited into what is going on but we know that it is serious by the tone of what is happening and the expression on his face. Once he is done he makes amends with his siblings and instead of leaving he stays to fight. It was in that quiet away time that he gained greater perspective, a greater appreciation for what was happening. When it is time for the war he is prepared because he’s been with the King.

The floor is not just a place to walk or play, it is a place to pray. We lay our lives down there, our worries, our cares and we stand up stronger, wiser, ready for what is to come.

Perspective shifts when posture does. It’s time for us to gain perspective from the floor and from there get up ready for war.

How do you pray? Where is your quiet time spent? Do you walk, sit, kneel, stand? Have you ever noticed a difference in your posture and perspective?

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