Romeo & Juliet Got It Wrong

Romeo & Juliet Got It Wrong

That’s Wrong Shakespeare

I am by no means a Shakespeare aficionado. I know some of his works. I’ve watched plays-turned-movie, and I’ve read a few of the SparkNotes. But everyone knows the sad tale of Romeo and Juliet. They were from dueling families and they were supposed to hate each other. There was bad blood and bad blood means you stay away, right? Well, not so much for our two star-crossed lovers. They met, fell in love and, well, killed themselves.


That might seem harsh and I know I left out all of the moving lines that make this story so romantic. I simply wanted to get to the point. Their love wasn’t what fairytales are made of. Their love seems more like lust to me. And killing yourself because your love died, not cool. Yes, it is a deeply moving scene to read or see portrayed, but think about it? They were teenagers. They had so much life left to live but instead, they allowed their situation to drive them to do the irrational.

Really Shakespeare? Was that the best answer? What about these two lovers bringing two families together by another means? I’ve seen Taming of the Shrew (Also known in my world as “Kiss Me Kate” done beautifully by Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel, haha) I know he could have written a better ending.

Why do we romanticize stories like Romeo and Juliet where young love is glorified? Young love is great, but what about lasting love?

Real Love

Over the past few weeks, my grandmother has been in the ICU on a ventilator. She had a procedure done that was supposed to be a routine thing that turned into a nightmare. It has been touching go for too long and it has shaken all of us. During the past few weeks, the one thing I have seen is real love in action.

My grandfather, who is not a very emotional man, has rarely left her side. The few times he has gone one of my Aunts stayed in his place. He has slept in a chair, ate hospital food, stayed with his wife no matter what.

They met when they were teenagers, around 12 or 13. They grew up in Texas. Went to the same church, school and eventually got married. My Grandfather went to college at Tarleton and then A&M. He finished a degree in Mechanical Engineering while she raised two children.

Once he graduated the real adventure started. They traveled for most of their life. My dad went to multiple schools and lived in almost every state in America. They had one more son a few years later. Three kids and two adults formed this family and they really lived.

Eventually, life led to retirement and that is when they settled in at their home in Alabama on the river.

58 years they have been married and they have been together for even longer than that.

Romeo and Juliet Got It Wrong

We Need Lasting Love

Their story is what movies should be made of. Their story is what authors should write books about. They are the ones we should promote on TV shows and magazines because their love has lasted. They didn’t give up during the hard times and believe me there were many. Thier love lasted because they knew how to hold on to each other. Has it been perfect? No. But it has been permanent.

It makes me sad that we idolize all of these celebrities that can’t keep their pants up. Recently, a very popular Hollywood couple  split. Of course, the rag mags grabbed that and ran with it. It was all over our shelves and probably the TV. Why? Because infidelity sells. Divorce is money and Hollywood is never in short supply.

But do we praise the ones that have made it? No. Few would fit the bill.

We don’t need cheap love. We don’t need lustful one night stands or “I do but I’ll undo if you treat me wrong.”

We need lasting love. We need to teach our children marriage is forever so don’t just run out and marry the first thing that flirts with you. WAIT! It is perfectly fine and biblical to wait. Take it slow and really get to know one another. If you say yes it needs to be with the understanding that it is forever and not just for a wedding.

I think many people get married today because we are sold on the idea of “love” and the thought of a big, beautiful wedding day. Well, that wedding day will fade away into a memory and you will be left with a marriage. This means you better build that relationship on more than pretty flowers because divorce hurts.

We Need Less Leaving

I am a nut about Hallmark movies. Cheesy, I know, but they are cute and clean so why not. Recently, they did the latest installment of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You.” I anxiously watched it and quickly got caught up in the storyline. At one point, as the movie was coming to a close, Oliver, the main character, told his dad, “There’s been enough leaving in this family. Let’s not do any more of that,” (Slight paraphrase, but close).

Let’s not do any more of that. We need less leaving and more staying. Less giving up and more sticking with it. I do not condone unhealthy relationships where there is danger involved. Certain situations call for certain measures, I understand that. No one should live in fear or in danger.

Marriage is a commitment. A covenant. A lifelong bond. Once we get married that person becomes a part of who we are. It is hard to split yourself in two so divorce is never easy. Giving up because of petty problems that could be solved with forgiveness and communication is never the answer.

Lasting love is not found in romantic novels or one night stands. It is found when you choose to stay with that person through thick and thin. In the hospital rooms and in the waiting rooms and in every season.

Love never fails. If love is part of who we are because of God inside of us then shouldn’t we wait for that love that we never want to give up on?

Speaking from experience it is so much better to wait. I found the one my heart loves and he was well worth the wait. God will give us the desires of our hearts, sometimes it just takes so refining and some right timing.



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5 thoughts on “Romeo & Juliet Got It Wrong

  1. I love stories like your grandparents! I’ll pray for healing for your grandma. I remember thinking at our wedding, “We really should be celebrating when we’ve put in the hard work of marriage!” I think we might have to have a huge celebration at our 25th wedding anniversary!

    • Yes! You should totally do it! My parents went to Hawaii for their 25th and this year they celebrated their 34th. We should throw a party when we celebrate those milestones. Thank you for the prayers, Leah!

  2. This is absolutely true! My husband and I are pretty close to believing nothing justifies divorce. Nobody today believes love is something you work at. They expect everything should just be magical and perfect, and if not, you’re with the wrong person. It’s simply not true, and we’re destroying ourselves.

    • We believe the same way, Susan. Things will get hard at times but hard does not justify divorce. Love is a fight because love is active and intentional. Thanks for stopping by friend! 🙂

  3. Amen and PREACH it sistah! What a beautiful story you shared about your grandparents and I’m right there with you, I wish this is what Hollywood wanted to focus on. So tired of all the craziness. 😉

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