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It is summertime and I hope there are kids all over the states putting their tennis shoes on, grabbing their sunscreen and going out to play! I know that’s what my family did during summer. We played from after breakfast until dinner. We made cities with our bikes being cars, we dug in the dirt, we chased each other, we did it all. Being outside during the summer can be such a memorable thing for kids.

What if we as parents could get more involved with our kids outdoor play? 

I got this great sticker book in with my last order. It is fun because you can dress the explorers but you also read about what they did and where they went. It makes learning fun!


You can see all the different eras it goes through.

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It is really like taking a peek into history which I love because I am a very visual person.




After looking at this book I started thinking about how fun this would be to exlpore at home. Why not become an explorer myself with my kids? What about going on an outside exploration with my kids (I know I only have Eleanor now, but we want more in future and I would definitely do it with her when shes old enough) to see what new, fun things we can find and learn about?

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How would this work? Well grab a backpack, water, pencil, paper, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and possibly a hat and head outside! Make it fun for the kids. Act like the crocodile man about to nab his first gator and how amazing it will be. Pretend you are in the Amazon jungle finding rare exotic creatures. That is not just a twig, that is a twig that fell from a tree because monkey’s were dancing on it. Encourage imagination, but also teach them about exploration.

Kids today are spoon fed so much of what they are to know and how they are to learn it that when they are given a blank canvas they often times don’t know what to do with it. Teach them to color all over it!

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The backyard is a perfect place to be creative we just have to teach them how! 

If you live in town and don’t have a backyard, find a park. There could be countless adventures waiting there, but you will never know if you never go.



How do you have fun with your kids in the summer? Have you done a backyard exploration before? How did you make it fun? Share with me on what you are doing this summer and how you are getting your kids active!


Embrace Summer Exploration


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