Where’s the Balance in my life?

Take Five Friday Reflections

Friday Confession

Why do I feel as though I have to do it all? Why can I not just let the dishes sit until evening or the Instagram comments go unanswered until bedtime? Why do I feel this overwhelming urge to be available and on all the time?

This week, and for a few weeks really, God has been hitting me hard with the realization that I lack balance. Yes, I am confessing, I struggle with balancing it all. The hard part is that something I don’t have to throw into the mix, but I choose to. I don’t have to be a presence on social media all the time. I don’t have to schedule those Facebook posts or make sure every dish is washed as it is dirtied. But over the past few weeks, I feel as if I have chosen to.

What happens when this balance is thrown off? Stress. Overwhelming, tear jerking, exhausting stress. There are two problems with this stress. One, it is a sin. Two, it is unnecessary.

Is there an answer? Maybe. God has been teaching me about life, balance and religious ruts.

Where's the balance in my life? Getting real about stress and being overwhelmed

Friday Five


Now that I’ve confessed I don’t do such a great job with holding it all together, allow me to share how I’m learning.

1 . Find Small Wonders

The other day Ella bear was sitting in the floor completely captivated by three tubs of water, shells from the beach and a few of her play dishes. She sat there with such joy just enjoying the wonder of that moment. She was unbothered by the dirty floors or the dishes. She was thrilled with the splashes of water and the way she could pour the water from one tub to the other. She laughed and splashed for almost 30 minutes.

God captured my attention in that moment and reminded me that in order to have a balance I need to appreciate the small moments. Doing can be good, but it can become a thief of joy and small wonders.

Stop. Breath. Engage. Enjoy.

2. Stop Worrying

“There was not post scheduled for Facebook…OH NO!” I have literally had those moments and had to hop on the computer to remedy the problem as soon as I could. Really Rhiannon? The world will not stop. If it hurts traffic so what, I was living life. I love those I get to connect with and I cherish all the ways we can encourage each other but I am learning my family can’t pay the price. I can’t worry so much about my virtual presence that I forget my real loved ones.

Stop worrying. Be present. Love them.

3. Mix It Up!

One chapter a day, journal, pray, move on. That has been my routine and my rut. I forgot how to enjoy the presence. I was into my routine and I was allowing it to outweigh relationship. No more. God has been really working in my heart leading me to be more fluid. Somedays worship is in the midst of living. Somedays it is fully in the word. Some days it might be just a small worship session full of raised hands and a bowed heart. Whatever it looks like it should be about encountering Him, not following my routine.

Feel His presence. Encounter Him. Engage the Spirit.

4. The Word is Good

Over the past few years, I have really developed a hunger to know more of God through His word. I enjoy studying and learning about the Word. It is thrilling and always leaves me feeling refreshed. Lately, God has been burning in my heart that His word is not just reserved for my “quiet time”. He is breaking me out of that mold and saying,  “Hey, read it anytime.” We consume books why not The Book that gives life? My mindset is really shifting.

It’s okay to read it any time of day! 

5. Make Time

I have shared before how developing a community has been hard, but I do have some close friends local. God has been prompting me to make time for them. Make time to appreciate the ones that are near. Even those that are not near. Reach out, text them, start an iMessage game with them, connect. We are not meant to do this life alone but if we are not intentional about relationships they will not happen. This week I am having to learn to take time and make time.

Stop. Text. Call. Connect.

Your Turn!

Okay, now I would sure love to hear about 5 things God has been teaching you or showing you this week! What’s one thing you learned from His word? Worship? Friends? In any way. Let’s have our Friday Five sit down. Just leave a comment below and we can grow together. It is also a good way to reflect and share.


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4 thoughts on “Where’s the Balance in my life?

    • It truly is, Leah. I have found it to be especially true with a little one. It is harder, but it really helps us feel like we aren’t alone.

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