3 Reasons I’m Giving Up Resolutions This Year

3 Reasons I'm Giving Up Resolutions This Year 2016

“What’s your New Year resolutions?” That seems to the big question every year as one year ends and another begins. We always want to start the year with a resolve to do something that will better our lives in some way. Weight loss, dating, going to church, etc. There seems to be a drive in each of us to improve at the end of every year, but somewhere during the year our resolve weakens and our resolution becomes a disappointment.

This year I’ve decided I’m not doing that to myself. I am not going to start out 2016 by setting myself up for failure. I know God has amazing things in store for this new year and I am not going to limit what he wants to do by putting my own resolutions in his way.

Why would I do that? Why would I do away with this “tradition” and go against the grain? Here’s 3 reasons:

1.They have never worked for me.

No matter how much resolve I have had to accomplish these good intentions I have never ended a year with the satisfaction of knowing I did it.

2.They put so much pressure on the new year.

Most of the time resolutions are big. I have the idea that I have to go big or do nothing, so instead of trying to set myself up to succeed I feel like every year I set myself up to fail. I put so much pressure on what I was going to accomplish in the new year that I didn’t enjoy the time for what it was, a fresh start.

3.They are Limiting

When we start the new year we often set resolutions because we want to improve something or some aspect of life. When we do this we have a tendency to focus on that one area instead of allowing growth in many areas of life. Isn’t there a better way to grow in the new year?

What Can We Do?

In place of resolutions I prayed about what I could do in order to grow, but not set myself up for failure. How can I make 2016 productive? I felt Holy Spirit impress on my heart that it’s not about our intentions it’s about lasting change. Instead of beginning this year with a good intention to try to achieve this one thing I need to allow my focus to be on setting goals that will bring about lasting change.

For my family and for myself personally, this year is about focus, discipline and goals. Resolutions are a form of goals, but in my mind goals are lasting while resolutions are kind of fleeting.

3 Reasons I'm Giving Up Resolutions This Year

How Do I Do This?

Goals are new for me. Like, very new. The concept of setting short term, long term, life, marriage, business, parenting, and spiritual goals is all new territory for me, but this is the year to learn. Along with goal setting, I’m also learning to own my dream. I believe God puts a dream on the inside of all of us and my heart screams this is the year to realize it and watch it come to pass.

3 Reasons I'm Giving Up Resolutions, Dream Big

Let’s Do This!

No good plan is complete without action. In order to put our goals into action, there are a few things we can do:

Write down what we feel like we succeeded at in the year past and what we feel could use improvement.

Pray about 3 ways to improve on the areas we want to work on.

Mark 10:27 With God This is Possible

Don’t set ourselves up for failure, make them small and attainable.

Look for ways to create small goals every month that help us to accomplish the 3 big ones by the end of the year.

Find a friend that can help you be accountable.

Give these goals to God because with God is the only way our goals with be accomplished to their fullest potential.


Now as January continues, let’s allow God to guide us, encourage us and prepare us for a year full of accomplished goals and big dreams! It starts with believing in who God created you to be and that what he has said will come to pass.

If you are looking for a great study on dreaming and the reason for God’s dreams in us I encourage you to check out Havilah Cunnington’s study Eat, Pray Hustle: Chasing Dreams God’s Way. It’s a 20-day study which I started on January 1st and it is already challenging me.

(This is not a book I reviewed or a study I was asked to look at. I love Havilah’s message and I was blessed to get it for Christmas from my Hubby. It is one I recommend simply because it is amazing!) 

Eat, Pray, Hustle: Chasing Dreams God's Way

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