Day 10: Do We Bring Our Best or What is Left?


Day 10: Are we bringing our best or what we have left? 25 Days of fixing our eyes on Christ + new FREE PRINTS every day!

Sports and Jesus

Picture your favorite sports team, or favorite celebrity if you don’t like sports? Do you see them? Do you have a clear picture in your head of this team in the middle of a play? They are one point away from winning the biggest trophy in their league and you are front and center to see it. Do you feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins? Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s electric, right? Imagine that person you have watched on TV for years or in movies since you were young has just arrived at your house? Think about getting the call that your favorite artist has selected you to be the host home of a private concert? What goes through your mind? Are you psyched? Are you going crazy?

Now, picture being in church this Sunday during worship. What do you feel?

Amazing how different that is, isn’t it?

We have conditioned ourselves to get all worked up over celebrities, sports teams, and singers but we come into our church and choose to be reserved. How is it we are okay with going crazy for events of this world but when we come into God’s house we hold back? Isn’t He worthy? 

This month I have been talking a lot with my kids at church about worship and this past Sunday out of nowhere I released this question, “If Jesus in flesh walked in right now what would you do? How would you worship Him?”

Have we forgotten that the King of glory is in our midst? Have we lost site of the fact that when we enter His courts with praise and worship we are entering the presence of the One that bled and died on a cross for us? Have we lost the desire to bring our best and so we just bring what we think is good?

Their Best

There is a classic Christmas song that tells the story of a little boy that had nothing to give Jesus. He had nothing to lay before the newborn King, but he offered what he had, his song. Yes, the Little Drummer Boy. I love the lyrics that say, “I have no gift to bring to lay before the King, shall I play for Him?” He acknowledged that he had nothing he thought was fitting for this new King that had been born but he gave all that he had, he gave his worship.

Day 10: Are we bringing our best or what we have left? 25 Days of fixing our eyes on Christ + new FREE PRINTS every day!

I can think of another boy that gave God his best. He started out as a shepherd in a field that no one thought much of. I even heard recently that there is speculation that David was the outcome of an affair. He was the least of them all in his family. He didn’t even get called in when the Prophet showed up. But that didn’t stop God. He saw David and He knew his world was about to be rocked.

He messed up, as we all know, but David was not afraid to lay it all down and give God his best. He even stripped down to bare garments and danced down the streets of Jerusalem praising God and giving all honor to Him. God promoted David because David was not haughty or proud and because David was never ashamed to praise. He knew it wasn’t about what he had done, it was about God being with him.

Would we be willing to lay down some pride and dance like David did? Would we be willing to acknowledge with our praise that it’s not about us?

Breaking Free

Have you ever observed someone who is trying to get out of something? They struggle, they fight, they are determined to break off whatever is constraining them. It seems funny that we never fight what holds us back from deeper worship. We label it as “our belief, our raising or what our church taught us,” but have we ever studied it out for ourselves? What does the Word of God say about worship? What does it say about giving God our best?

What does God think when we go crazy over teams and celebrities but become statues in His presence?

What if this year we broke free? What if this year we began to release worship like David, freely and with a surrendered heart? Could 2017 be the year for us to really choose to enter His presence with thanksgiving, dancing, singing, and rejoicing?

Fixing Our Eyes

There is no better time to fix our eyes on worshiping Jesus than during Christmas. Let’s take this time and begin to ask God to show us how to bring our best? He may not even be asking us to break out in dancing but what if it’s giving up that hour on Facebook or that TV time at night? Would we be willing to lay it down for Him? God leads us each differently but we can all come together and choose to bring Him our very best. He should never be stuck with leftovers of our love and excitement.

For today get into 2 Samuel 24:24. Let the meaning of that verse speak to you and ask God to draw you closer. Is it worship if it costs us nothing? 

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Day 10: Are we bringing our best or what we have left? 25 Days of fixing our eyes on Christ + new FREE PRINTS every day!



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