Day 21: When He Doesn’t Come Like We Expect


Day 21: When He Doesn't Come like we expect + FREE PRINTS until Christmas Day

You Want Us To Do What?

I was almost 13 when the news came. “We are moving to Arizona and starting a ministry in the Grand Canyon.” Say what?! Up until that year, we had lived in Tennessee all my life. Sure, we had moved cities some but we never left the state. We traveled and I loved to see other places but was I really ready to live somewhere else?  How on earth could God do this? This wasn’t what I expected at all. All I could think was, “How is this going to work?” I was excited but scared. What was God thinking?

Living in the Canyon was unlike anything I had ever known before. There are no cars. Very few ATV’s, and every road is dirt. I’m not much of an outdoors girl and I DO NOT like horses so this was a far stretch for me. The scenery was beautiful though and the kids were precious. I did not expect the call for our family to look like that but God used it to teach us so much.

Our time there was short and we did not see it all come to completion, but we formed relationships and learned a lot. Daddy calls it our crash course into missions. I’m not sure what I would call it but I do know it taught me that God doesn’t always show up in predictable ways. Not that I ever thought He did, but this confirmed that for me. He works outside of our box. Outside of our comfort. Outside of what should be.

This is evident in the very way He came. A stable, a manger, a young mother, and a doubting father. It was not what anyone would have expected, I’m sure, but that was the point.

When He shows up in our lives today in ways we don’t expect and asks us to do things we aren’t ready for do we accept His will or question Him? Are we willing to accept when His will seems crazy? 

Expect the Unexpected

Miracles, signs, and wonders followed Him daily after His fast in the wilderness. He was unlike anything they had seen before. He healed. He loved. He talked to unclean women. He was amazing, but He was unexpected. All that Christ did was a mystery to those who followed Him but that did not stop them from following. The amazement they felt on a daily basis kept them with Him. They walked daily in the presence of the King of Kings and didn’t even know it. They knew He was different but until His death, they were unsure why.

Today it is very much the same. He is still unlike anything that has been or ever will be but we so often miss Him. We can get so caught up on how things used to be or what was done when our parents were young that we miss God moving now. God moves in ways we cannot explain and that does not always mean it is not God it just means we are still limited in understanding Him. If we could understand all of His ways would He really be God? If we limit our understanding of Him to what we know then we begin to worship a lesser version of God, a logical version. I Hate to say this but God is not logical. 


I know, mind blowing!

Nope, Creator God is not logical. He exceeds our understanding and surpasses all knowledge. We understand only a small portion of who He really is and how vast His character is. He is big, really big.

No Limits

He showed up 2,000 years ago in a most unexpected way and He is still showing up in unexpected ways in our lives today. He shows up and changes our plans, our programs, our desires and He revolutionizes the way we act, think and live. He teaches us how to love our enemies, pray for those that despitefully use us, and give instead of getting. He teaches us how to lay our lives down for others and pick up our cross daily.

God is still showing up, but are we seeing Him? 

Day 21: When He Doesn't Come like we expect + FREE PRINTS until Christmas Day

Do we see His light shining and do we follow like the Wisemen or do we stay put? Do we simply wonder from afar and think it’s nice but never seek Him out? The Wisemen caught a glimpse of that star and they knew it was something they had to know more about. They were not satisfied to merely admire it, they wanted to know what it was for and where it would lead.

God’s light is shining upon us all today and we are given the choice to either seek Him out or stand back and admire. We can look at the light and think it is good or we can chase it and find out what it is all about. Our choice.

When we choose to chase the light of God we begin to break off the limits and walk in deeper freedom. Choosing to want more tells God we are ready to do away with limits and obey even when He shows up in unexpected ways.

Fixing Our Eyes

We are probably familiar with the Wisemen that sought out Jesus by way of the Star in the sky. Let’s follow their lead this season and seek Him with our whole hearts. Let’s not just admire who God is, let’s really get to know Him.

Look up Matthew 2:1-12 and really study the Wisemen’s response to finding Jesus. It was not just another day, it was a day filled with great joy.

Grab today’s FREE PRINT below! I pray it is a visual reminder for us all to keep seeking Him. Not just during Christmas but all year long. Let us be wise and pursue the Lover of our souls!

When He doesn't come like we expect


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2 thoughts on “Day 21: When He Doesn’t Come Like We Expect

  1. Rhiannon, this is truly beautiful. When we stop looking for Him in the old ways we find Him in new ways. He never comes as we expect, He likes to show off and and bring us to the place of awe where we can’t help but to fall on our knees in worship and adoration!

    • That is exactly right! When we come out of that place of routine and into that place of relationship it becomes true, intimate worship. Thanks so much for stopping by, friend! 🙂

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