Day 24: When It is All Said and Done + 2 Free Prints


Day 24: When it is all Said and Done + 2 FREE PRINTS


All Said and Done

In a few days, it will be over. The presents will be opened. The food will be gone and family will begin to head home. The season will come to a close and all we will carry will be the memories. When it is all said and done what will we carry with us? Will it be the new stuff? The great dinners cooked? The look of excitement on that family members face at that gift we so thoughtfully put together?

Those are all wonderful memories to cherish but I hope that there is something a little more we can take away from this Christmas. I hope we can carry a peace in our hearts, a stillness, only found in our Savior. If there is one thing I am hoping we can all carry over into the new year that is fast approaching it is the ability to fix our eyes on Christ no matter what. Sorrow, joy, chaos, stress. I pray our eyes always find Him and there our souls will be at rest.

I have had the joy of watching my little girl open presents here and there throughout the weeks and what a sight it is. She opens with such enthusiasm and glee. She has no idea what it is but she sure gets excited.

I pray that I can open the gift of the new year like that. I don’t want the enthusiasm or excitement to die down, I want it to build. Christmas may be coming to a close but the best gifts are yet to come. Each new day is a gift to be opened and we can either choose to open it with joy and excitement, like Eleanor, or melancholy.

Day 24: When it is all Said and Done + 2 FREE PRINTS

We have a few days left of the season. Let’s choose to embrace them with arms wide open and once they are done let’s choose to carry that joy with us into the brand new year. When we find peace and stillness in Him what is to come does not scare us it excites us because He has good in store for those who love Him.

Thank you for taking this 25-day journey with me. I pray you have a very Merry Christmas and I pray this new year is full of the abundance of heaven. Be blessed and here’s to all God has yet to release!

I decided to post 2 prints today and take Christmas day off. Still 25 prints, just not 25 days. Enjoy, be blessed and remember to share if you have enjoyed them.


Day 24: When it is all Said and Done + 2 FREE PRINTS



Day 24: When it is all Said and Done + 2 FREE PRINTS





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