Day 8: Finding a Forever Home in Christ

Day 8: There is no place like being home in Christ for Christmas + FREE PRINT

What is Home?

What does it mean to come home? Is home the place we grew up ? Is it the place we lay our heads every night or the roof over our heads? Is home a feeling or a physical building? Can home be a person? How do we know when we are home or what truly being home will feel like? So many questions and so many possible answers. How do we really know what home is and what it means?

Advertisers, marketers, media, everyone promotes going home for the holidays. We sing songs about it, we have cards about it, we even make movies about it. This time of year it is like our wandering soul longs to be surrounded by the ones we love. We long to be in good company and we long to belong. We are over work, over going to school, and over everything. We are just ready to be with those that mean so much to us.

What if that feeling could last longer than just at Christmas time?

Could we feel at home all the time no matter our location?

What If It’s Not a Place?

If you have observed little sayings and decorative quotes for any amount of time you will have noticed this gem: “Home is where the heart is.”

Now, we all know that our hearts cannot be taken from our living being and find a home elsewhere so how do we take this? What can it really mean?

In John 14 Jesus talks about making a home in us. He says, ” Jesus answered, “If anyone loved me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”

Day 8: There is no place like being home in Christ for Christmas + FREE PRINT

What if “home” is not a place we go to, but a place that exists inside? Those that have not come to the saving knowledge of Christ often feel this restlessness within. They feel as if something is never settled and they are always striving for something but they aren’t sure what. Some believers even feel this way. They have not fully allowed Christ to be their peace and take control so they wander in spirit. They always have a slight sense of uneasiness but the answer to why hasn’t hit them yet.

As long as we  search for a home for our souls outside of Christ we will be left to wander. No place will ever feel as much like home as when we are secure in knowing He is ours and we are His.

I recently lost my Grandmother and as hard as that even has been the one hope our family has clung to is that she knew Who her home was. It wasn’t their cabin on the river or the fifth-wheel they traveled in for years. It wasn’t in Texas where she grew up or any other state she had lived in during her 78 years of life. Her home was found in Christ and now she is rejoicing with Him there.

Fixing Our Eyes

Tomorrow is a gift, not a promise so if it wasn’t to come would we be ready? If we woke up on the other side of eternity would it be to Jesus’ loving embrace or damnation? Have we come to the realization that Jesus is the home of our heart while we are here and our eternal home once we pass? Or are we still striving to find that elusive home in the physical somewhere?

We may wander for years and never be satisfied until our soul finds rest in Christ alone.

Take time to ask if you are home today. Stop and evaluate the state of your soul and see if you are ready to be with Jesus or if you are still searching? It is never too late to make Him your home, all you have to do is ask, believe, and confess.

Take time to read John 14, or any passage in John. This book is rich with descriptions of who Jesus is and the way to life eternal.

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Day 8: There is no place like being home in Christ for Christmas + FREE PRINT



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