Why Do We Need A Vision?


Why is having a vision for the new year important? Can it really help us go forward? Will it make a difference?

Walking in the Dark

January 1st. Everything after Christmas is a build up to this day. Parties happen, people gather, it is usually a big deal. But for me, it wasn’t always. Sure, the celebrating was fun, I liked gathering with friends, but coming into a new year was just another day. For a time I would make resolutions and about a month after they would be a faint memory. I would fall short and I would just live life as it happened for the next 11 months. I set no goals, made no plans, had no vision. I was just living. Why make plans? What did it matter if I had a vision for the new year or not? Couldn’t I just let life happen?

Last year was the first year I set my mind on not making resolutions (read that story here ). I lost my desire to go into another year with all of these good intentions hanging over my head. I wanted to go into the year with a broader change in mind. I wanted to set goals and dream dreams. Last year was a game changer for me and my family. For the first time in my life, I went into the new year full of hope and expectation!

Why does all this matter? Well, every time we hit January 1st we are given an opportunity. It is a gift and we can choose to enjoy it or toss it to the side because we don’t understand it’s potential yet.

Looking back now at all of the years I wasted with resolutions that went unfulfilled or gave up on change altogether, I am sad. What wasted time. It was a bit like walking into an amazing place but the lights were turned off. On January 1st God ushers us into a new year with new potential and new gifts He longs to pour out but if we are going in with the lights off we fail to see the beauty around us.

Will we walk into the new year in the dark or will we choose for this year to be one of walking in the Light?

Cast That Vision

Have you ever watched the extras on a DVD, like the making of…? I love extras! I am currently watching the extras to the extended edition of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.” I don’t even buy the regular DVD’s anymore, I have to wait for the extended versions to come out. Anyways… On this particular set of DVD’s Peter Jackson, the director shared that for a certain stent of the movie he had not had the time to create a story-  board. A story -board is usually used to cast the vision or set the scene for what is to happen. This allows the entire crew to know what is needed, where to put the set, who is on set, etc. It is usually pretty critical to a successful shoot.

Of all times for him to not have the time to prepare one of these, it happened to take place on a multi-million dollar production. He would literally take the time in between shots to stop and try to map out the next scene. He would prep things the night before and basically go into the next day with only a vague vision of what was going to happen.

This is what it is like to begin a year with no vision. It is like we go from month to month simply trying to get through. We did not take the time to get alone with God and allow Him to reveal the “storyboard” of His heart for us in the new year.

Having a vision or a plan for the year is a great thing! Vision brings so much purpose and focus. Without it we can feel as if we are letting life happen to us instead of us happening to it. Does life control us or do we control it? Did God not give us the ability to get directions and walk them out?

No Vision, No Path

Over the past 5 years or so I have become more familiar with the topic of prophecy and the concept of prophesying. According to Strong’s prophecy is, “prophecy, prophesying; the gift of communicating and enforcing revealed truth.”

Why is having a vision for the new year important? Can it really help us go forward? Will it make a difference?

For me, when we cast a vision that is aligned with God’s truth we are prophetically speaking over the year coming and our lives and we are calling forth His revealed truth.

In Proverbs 29:18 (ESV) it says, “Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.” Another version says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” 

Where there is no prophetic vision or vision the people have no restraint or they perish. When we have no vision we can easily lose restraint and perish in lack of guidance because we are not seeking the path God has laid out for us.

We almost leave everything to chance when we fail to ask God for a vision and set out with a plan. God is not about chaos or flying by the seat of our pants. I believe He can move in lives that function that way, but I think in allowing God to give us a vision, a plan, we allow for a greater move of His Spirit. Instead of God having to come in and clean up the mess of us going the wrong way or trying out the wrong thing, when we set out with vision He can accelerate us because we already know what His will for our life is.

When we have no vision we have no path but if we know the vision God has for us we then can know His path.

Beginning Strong

We are less than a few days into the new year and as the days go by let’s set out to cast a vision for this year. Let’s not let this be a year of existing, let’s really live. God has such great things in store for us but we cannot walk in them if we never align our sight with His.

“Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart.” 

What is your vision moving forward? What is God birthing in you? How are you stepping out this year? What prophetic word are you releasing over your life and home? 

Why is having a vision for the new year important? Can it really help us go forward? Will it make a difference?



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8 thoughts on “Why Do We Need A Vision?

  1. It was a bit like walking into an amazing place but the lights were turned off.

    That summed it all up right there! Excellent as always Rhiannon!!

  2. Rhiannon, this is such a great post! Like you, 2016 was the first year that I actually started with a vision, and it was one of the greatest years of my life. I also share your love of extended version DVDs, how awesome! This truly is a fantastic post, and I hope it inspires many women to set forth with vision! 🙂

  3. Oh, I absolutely love this, Rhiannon! I completely agree that having a vision changes everything! And I just got chills as I read your last graphic. Yes, yes, and yes. “Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart.”

  4. Fabulous message and very practical insight! Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom! I was not familiar with Proverbs 29:18 but I will be sharing it with everyone now!

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