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Mexican dishes are a go to for my family. I have created countless Mexican casseroles, burritos, quessadillas, everything. That is why I wanted to share this guacamole dip because this represents a part of lots of family dinners. It also reminds me of my cousin trying to get me to taste guacamole for years. She knew how good it was, but I was not convinced. One day I gave in and I have never looked back! I actually love just plain avocado’s now as well!

Sometimes we have to face our fear, even if it is a food fear because we may be missing out on something delicious. Trying new foods makes life fun and creates lasting memories we can share forever with our families.

I loved Carolee sharing about how she would not eat guacamole and now she loves it. I was the same way. I thought green food was bad food, haha. I now love guacamole and I like the simplicity of her recipe, I just had to take the cilantro out. I can’t do cilantro. Love everything else though šŸ™‚

This is a perfect addition to a family dinner featuring some delicious homemade Mexican fajitas or burritos. My mom just put together some yummy burritos the other night that I will be sharing next week. This guacamole would go great with that and some chips. And another benefit…avocados are pretty healthy for you. Yay!


Carolee’s Guacamole

GUACAMOLE. I used to hate it. Despised it. Thought it looked weird. But then I met my husband. He’s opened up the doors for me to try lots of foods. Guacamole being one of them. Now, I’m obsessed. I’ve tried lots and lots of different versions. Turns out, I like the simple stuff. Some restaurants put a lot of oil in their Guacamole and that’s what gives it the ‘sheer/shiny’ effect. Me?….I’ll eat Guacamole any way. But like I said,…..I like it simple. The following is my recipe for Guacamole. Nothing fancy………but it tastes yummy.


-2 avocados
-salt & pepper
-1/2 jalapeno, chopped fine
-3/4 cup cilantro
-1/2 cup mayonnaise
-juice of 1/2 lime
-3 garlic cloves


– mince the garlic
– chop the cilantro to desired size (I coarsely chop the leaves)
– chop the jalapeno into small pieces (get rid of the seeds)
– squeeze lime juice in a bowl
– peel the avocados and dice into medium size chunks
– pour lime juice over the avocado chunks
– in a bowl, add the avocado, salt/pepper, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, mayo
– mix but be careful to keep some of the avocado chunks intact
– add any ingredients you like (always start with less, so you can add)
– garnish with cilantro

* I usually end up adding more mayo, and salt. But I repeat, I like my Guacamole semi-chunky. Don’t mush all the avocado’s. (well, unless you want to)

Enjoy this yummy dip and be sure to share with us how you enjoyed it. With friends? As a dip? As a spread? With tacos? We want to hear from you!

Embrace a new food taste even if it seems strangeĀ 

Rhiannon & Carolee

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