Chilled Coffee to Go

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Chilled Coffee to Go

Today’s made with love recipe is an iced coffee that I found when I was pregnant with Eleanor last year. I couldn’t handle hot stuff and I couldn’t handle not have at least a little bit of coffee so I found this cold mix. I was careful in the amount of caffeine I had during pregnancy, and generally this was my only serving for a day.

What You Will Need:

1 Cup or so of Coffee, I used leftover coffee I had brewed so I don’t know what instant would do, but it might work

1 Tbls Ovaltine

1 Tbls Unsweetened Cocoa

1/4 Cup Vanilla Coffee Creamer

1/2 cup Milk (Fat free, whole any kind that you like will work. I’m not sure what Almond Milk would do but I’m sure it would be wonderful)

What To Do With It:

Take your coffee and if it’s cold heat it up, if it’s already hot you are good to go. I add my creamer to my coffee in a coffee mug and then pour it into a tumbler to mix the rest of the ingredients.


Next, add your Cocoa and Ovaltine. Mix these well and then add a few ice cubes.

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Stir this some and let it cool off. If you want it extra cold you can even put it in the fridge for a bit.



Enjoy! I like this drink because it is chilled, yet flavorful and refreshing.

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Discover joy in something you love this week. Take time to stop and think about what really brings you pleasure. Okay, you got it? Now set aside some time, even if it’s during little ones nap time, haha, and do it. Bake that cake, read that book, write that story, make that necklace, paint that picture. Whatever it is that interests you take some time and do it.

One thing I really enjoy doing is baking. I like to find new recipes or old ones and break out the big bowl to go to town. Yesterday I surprised my husband with his favorite dinner, breakfast. One staple of breakfast is biscuits. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the mixing, kneading, cutting and cooking of biscuits. With Eleanor being the priority since January there just hasn’t been time to make involved dinners. Last night was a treat for the family and for myself.

As a new mom I am discovering that even an hour to clean or do anything is a precious gift. I love my cutie to pieces, but we aren’t really at that play alone stage. She has issues with Mom being out of site so I’m usually pretty close. So when those hour naps happen and they take place in her room I make the most of it. I just have to learn now how to do something fun during one of those naps.

Today I got an Art Deco coloring book in my book order and that is what I think I will enjoy during a nap tomorrow. It is relaxing, fun and doesn’t involve cleaning, haha!

Okay, now it’s your turn, think about that thing you love and make some time for it. Discover that joy you once knew with this simple thing. Have fun, it’s okay.

Embrace Joy in the Simple Things



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