Loaded Potato Salad


Loaded Potato Salad

By Carolee P.

 This week I am happy to share a recipe from a friend of mine from the other side of my state. We met at a church and once she started sharing her wonderful looking recipes I knew I wanted to share them. This is food that you can share with your family during those Sunday afternoon dinners or pack up and take on a family picnic. However you choose to enjoy it is up to you just be sure to grab a friend or family member to enjoy it with you too!

What You Will Need:

(This recipe is large enough for a picnic with lots of friends, or a pot luck. If you want a smaller portion….just cut all ingredients in half)
– 3-5 lb’s of Idaho potatoes
– 1 package of bacon
– 10 eggs
– 2 cups Mayo
– 2-3 tablespoons of Yellow Mustard
– Salt/Pepper to taste
– 1 bundle of green onions
– Pinch of paprika

What to Do With Them:

Directions for prep:
– Peel potatoes & cut into big cubes
– Boil until 75% done
– Drain
– Put potatoes in a large bowl and put in fridge to cool completely
– Boil the eggs, then shock with cold water
– Put eggs in the fridge to cool completely
– Cook bacon crispy, and drain on paper towels, set aside
– Chop all the green stems from the green onions, set aside
– Save a little of the green onions, bacon, and egg for garnish
– peel the shells off the eggs

Directions to bring it all together:
– Get ALL ingredients and put on the counter
– In a large bowl, …place the potatoes, green onions, eggs, crumbled bacon, mayo, mustard, salt & pepper, and mix GENTLY
– Put back in fridge for 30 minutes
– Take it back out of the fridge, and get a knife and just slice around the mixture a few times
– Decide if you need more of anything. I usually end up adding more mayo.
– Mix…gently
– Place in a nice bowl, and garnish with the onions, bacon, and eggs you put aside
– Sprinkle with paprika

Once it is all ready call the family in, get the steaks off of the grill and enjoy some old fashioned conversation. Put away the phone, turn off the T.V. and just share how your day has been. Communication is key to a strong family so chat with them. They won’t bite…I hope. Haha!

Embrace Potato Salad and Sunday Dinners


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