Nana’s Deviled Eggs


During the month of June I want to share recipes that the family can enjoy and some that my family have enjoyed for years. The first is a staple in the south and at all of our family gatherings and that is deviled eggs. Now why they are called deviled eggs I do not know because I think they are heavenly, haha.

Every holiday or potluck you are bound to find at least one set of these eggs. I chose this recipe first because it has a funny story that goes with it.

When my mom was younger she thought she would help my Nana out and add the Paprika, which is just decorative, it doesn’t have a taste. In her endeavor to “help” nana she found what she thought was the Paprika and it was in fact red pepper. She sprinkled it all over the eggs and thought she had done a great job only for Nana to discover they had been dosed with hot, red pepper! Oh me! Moral of the story, keep the Paprika and Pepper far away from each other.

What you will need:

5 Eggs (This will make 10 deviled eggs. You can cook as many as you need and keep uping the other ingredients)




1/2 Tbsp Mustard

1 Tbsp Mayonnaise

1 Tsp sweet pickle juice

1 Tbsp or so of Sweet Relish

Paprika to sprinkle


What to do with it:

Boil your eggs. Peel them and cut them in half.


Scoop out the yolk into a bowl.


Add the Mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and sugar.








You can use already chopped relish or do like my mom and run some sweet pickles through a salad shooter.


Add the pickles and then mix all of the ingredients together.

Once they are mixed spoon them into the empty egg whites.




Place on a pretty platter, sprinkle with Paprika and you are ready for the next potluck or family get together.

Embrace some family fun this weekend!


The food for the spirit this week is Isaiah 40:31. It was my Nana’s favorite and I think it is a great representation of her spirit. Even as her time on this earth was drawing short God was continually renewing her.

Find comfort in the Lord and know your strength comes from him alone.

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