Not Your Grandma’s Sandwich: A Makeover for this Old Family Favorite

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Ever since my beautiful princess arrived it seems like there have been more nights of either I don’t know what to cook or I just ran out of time to cook. In both cases I am strapped for ideas and I need something I can throw together, but still feel like I fed my husband something decent. When these instances occur this is a go-to and it is also a go-to for the times that the hubs is away on ministry and I am with my mom. We eat this a lot basically. Ha.

What is this you ask? Well it is a spruced up sandwich we call a “Patrick’s”. It gained its name from a diner we went to once or twice when we lived in Kingman, AZ. They served a great grilled sandwich and ever since then it has been a staple in our house.

It is pretty quick, fairly easy and it can be paired with chips to make it super easy or even a bowl of soup for those cold winter nights. You could even do soup, salad and a sandwich with this.

Whatever you eat with it or if you eat it alone it is a yummy sandwich that I enjoy so much. Find out what you need below and plan a Patrick’s for dinner tonight.

What you will need:

Bread (We use wheat bread)

Cheese (Mama uses sliced American, but you can use what you like)

Turkey or ham meat or both which is how my dad likes his


A skillet

Pickles for a garnish if you like

What to do with it:

Cook the meat until it is slightly brown on both sides. DO NOT overcook or it will become chewy. Just leave it in about a minute and a half on both sides. Remove and lay on a plate for later use.

Put bread in skillet and brown on both sides. Remove and add Mayo to one side of each piece. Put your meat on it and then add your cheese.

Put this back on the skillet for a few minutes, you want the cheese to begin to melt.

Take off, cut and serve.

Easy, quick and delicious.







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Enjoy this family favorite and share your recipes in the comments! I am always looking for new things to try and new family favorites!

Embrace the Simplicity of a Spruced up Sandwich


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6 thoughts on “Not Your Grandma’s Sandwich: A Makeover for this Old Family Favorite

    • It makes it delicious and we use the Olive Oil one so it’s a little less fattening, but you can use the kind that you like. Enjoy and after you try it please come back and share your thoughts!

    • Yes! Grilled Peanut butter sandwiches are so good! We use to have a sandwich maker that sealed the bread together and all the pb&j would melt together inside, Mmmm so good! Thanks for stopping by Kelsey 🙂

  1. Crystal says:

    We like peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwiches, its a nice change from pb&j. Personally I like sausage and cheese bagels

    • Oh those are wonderful! The sausage and cheese bagel sounds delicious. I love to do sausage, egg and biscuit when we cook breakfast so I may have to do the sausage and cheese bagel next time. Great idea 😉

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