Grace for the Kitchen: Realizing I’m not Martha Stewart

When my husband and I first got married I tried so hard to cook good food, keep a clean house and just be an all around wonderful homemaker. I really enjoyed it. Of course when we first got married we lived in a 28 ft travel trailer so it really wasn’t hard to keep clean, Read More


Carolee’s Fresh Guacamole

  Mexican dishes are a go to for my family. I have created countless Mexican casseroles, burritos, quessadillas, everything. That is why I wanted to share this guacamole dip because this represents a part of lots of family dinners. It also reminds me of my cousin trying to get me to taste guacamole for years. Read More


Let’s Get Real

Today I just want to get real with everyone. I am not perfect. Surprise! I know everyone is shocked, but it is true. My house is not perfect. Sometimes I let my husband bring home pizza. I have full baskets of clothes in my laundry room and a clean one in my living room. I Read More


Things I Never Knew About Being A New Mom

Being A New Mom: What I Was Not Expecting The post for this week is a bit different than our previous Whatsoever posts, but it will offer 4 suggestions for helping new moms adjust after coming home. It is a very personal post and I hope it helps other women and people who know new moms Read More


Toffe, Peanut, Marshmallow Fudge

Okay, I know that name is crazy for fudge, but I didn’t know what else to call it, haha! It explains whats in it for those who may be allergic and for those who may be crazy about those ingredients so I left it. This recipe is easy, delicious and affordable. This would be great Read More