Carolee’s Fresh Guacamole

  Mexican dishes are a go to for my family. I have created countless Mexican casseroles, burritos, quessadillas, everything. That is why I wanted to share this guacamole dip because this represents a part of lots of family dinners. It also reminds me of my cousin trying to get me to taste guacamole for years. Read More


Chilled Coffee to Go

Chilled Coffee to Go Today’s made with love recipe is an iced coffee that I found when I was pregnant with Eleanor last year. I couldn’t handle hot stuff and I couldn’t handle not have at least a little bit of coffee so I found this cold mix. I was careful in the amount of Read More


Real Fruit Fruit Cake

This made with love recipe came about for my wonderful Husband’s birthday this year. He wanted something different, but healthy. He normally loves the banana pudding poke cake, but he wanted to mix it up so I came up with this. This turned out really good, but I definitely recommend eating it quickly, definitely within Read More


Strawberry Banana Bomb!!

Strawberry Banana Bomb Smoothie! After last weeks disaster I was determined that this week would be a hit! Turns out, it was! I successfully created a four ingredient strawberry banana smoothie that was DELICIOUS! The tartness of the Greek yogurt was met by the sweetness of the strawberries and they complimented each other so nicely. Read More


Spring Into Smoothies!

It is officially April and Spring is here, or it is supposed to be anyways. The weather in Tennessee is still trying to decide if it agrees with what the calendar says or not. In order to usher in this new season the Foodie Friday theme of the month is all about smoothies! We are Read More


Banana Bread Love!

Foodie Friday Banana Bread & Beatitudes The tasty recipe for today is Banana Bread! One memory I cherish of my Nana was how she used to make banana bread a lot. She would never throw out her brown banana’s or let us because she would always say, “Oh I’ll make some good banana bread with Read More


Foodie Friday: Feeding Body & Spirit

Happy Foodie Friday! February’s foodie Friday is getting a late start because this month has been crazy for my family, but I am getting back on track. In honor of Valentines Day the theme for this month is CHOCOLATE! Most people enjoy some sort of chocolate, whether it is chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate Read More