Tofu Burgers for the Fourth



Happy 4th of July everyone! I pray each person reading this has a safe, and fun weekend! We are going to my grandparents to be with family and I am so looking forward to it. This will be the first time in years I’ve been able to spend the 4th with family.

If you are looking for a good alternative to the classic burger try some tofu burgers. I know, I know, it sounds totally strange and this celebration is about grilling “real meat”. Well for those of us who don’t eat red meat tofu works to give us a burger to enjoy with everyone else and not worry about the meat part.

I’ll admit I was a HUGE skeptic about this. I have always turned my nose up at tofu. My husband however, is on a kind of health kick and he got it to try. I decided if you can’t beat them join them and lets turn it into a burger.

I found a base recipe that I half-way followed then I made up the rest.


What you will need:

14 oz thing of Tofu (we used this organic kind)

2 eggs beaten

1 Cup shredded cheese

1/2 cup of chopped peppers ( we used sweet peppers)

1/4 cup chopped onion (yellow)

1/2 cup chopped spinach

1/4 cup chopped kale

1/4 cup chopped squash

What to do with it all:

I chopped all my vegetables, along with my cheese and had them ready to go.


Then I added my eggs.


Then I mixed it all with the tofu.


Next, I got my pan warm, added some coconut oil and then put the patties in there. I let each one sit for about 5-6 minutes on each side. I was guessing because how do you know when tofu is done?? Haha!


Take them out and enjoy! We had ours on bread, but they would be good as just patties as well.


I added sweet potatoes from the oven as our side along with a bountiful salad. I’ll have to share the recipe for the sweet potatoes next week, they were DELICIOUS!


It’s new, it’s different and it was worth the try. I can’t say tofu is my most favorite dish now, but I know it’s not awful and it’s fairly healthy, so my husband says.

As we head into a weekend of celebrating America let’s remember to thank all of the amazing men and women who have paid the highest price so we could be free! We honor them all today, past, present and future. It is because of their bravery and sacrifice we enjoy family get togethers and fireworks. Let us never forget.

Embrace the Celebration and Tofu



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